3 Lessons From a Long Winter

God’s up there like Bob Ross painting “happy little clouds” and “happy little trees” and all of you happy people. So happy. The weather seems like it’s smiling today! But here are some lesson to win from the long winter . . .

  1. Be content where (or when) you are. If you say, “I’ll be so happy when … (I get a better job, the sun comes out again, school’s out, we get out of this debt),” you’ve just delayed your happiness. The Bible says this, “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Tim 6:6). Contentment is amazing, Godliness is even better . . .
  2. Put God first in EVERY season. Some people find it easier to have times with God when … (it’s better weather, life isn’t so crazy, they have friends pushing them, etc). Here’s the solution, don’t wait for anyone or anything to have times with God. The Bible, worship (there are more tools than ever for these), prayer – which leads to the last lesson . . .
  3. What would your day be like if you offered God your full attention at least once every day? I’m not discounting car prayer (help that guy to be freed of road rage!), shower prayer (thank you that I don’t stink, as opposed to toilet prayer – haha), emergency prayer (help, I feel like I’m gonna lose it!), and random prayer (hey God, I didn’t see you there … sooo, how ya doin’?). Those are all necessary. However, there needs to be full attention prayer also . . .

Here’s a place to start today with giving God your full attention, ask Him this, “God, how do you want to make today more fun?” Then let God have input into everything that might happen in your day.

2 thoughts on “3 Lessons From a Long Winter

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