Contemplating my Jeans

Not genes (the DNA stuff that determines your eye color), but jeans (the thick, often blue, material you use to cover the bottom half of your body). I looked at my legs today realized I was wearing jeans and that … is … HUGE!!!

Let me ‘splain … no, let me sum up … I NEVER wore jeans, refused to wear jeans for the first 25 years of my life. My wife met that neurotic guy and still fell in love with him (I must have been irresistible otherwise – haha). I had my reasons – too stiff, didn’t move with me, couldn’t play sports in them, at least in dress pants I could drop in on a pick up game (and I did – hehe).

Then, everything changed. The love of my life (Jessica, of course, you sillies) wanted me to try jeans again. She cheated – she got me the best, softest, most wonderful pair ever. NOW I wear jeans at least 5 days a week – they’re my go-to, my pant of choice. I know what you’re thinking – HOW COULD THIS HAPPENNNN!!??!! (You didn’t know you cared so much about my jeans did you? Haha). It happened because at the right time, the right person used the right cheat code and got my attention.

Did you know that Jesus holds the cheat code for your life change? He does. At the right time, He (the right person), applied the right cheat code (His blood and grace) to take off your old self and put on (like a fresh pair of jeans) YOUR NEW SELF.

Even today, Jesus still holds the cheat code for your new self. It’s the right time, allow Him (the right person), to apply his blood to cleanse and his grace to transform you into someone more amazing. Change, toward good and God, is possible – and if you’re a believer it’s inevitable – and that’s good news!

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