3 Reasons Your Journey is Awesome

“Uggghhh – are we there yet? How much longer till we get there? Pppfffffttt.” You can feel your blood pressure rise just reading that aggression. My stock response is typically, “We’re going to get there about quarter ta — quarter to never.” Haha – that always fires ‘em up! Parents intuitively know those are the wrong questions – yet so many of us still get stuck in those questions about life issues. When am I going to finish school? Get that raise? Get that other job? When is winter going to be over (too soon – haha)? When is my vacation coming? I can’t wait till the weekend, etc. Truth . . .

I believe your journey is better than your destination, and here’s why . . .

  1. Journeys are moving. Everyone loves to be where they’re going until they get there. Let’s get to the heart of this – we love comfort, we love shelter, but deep down, most of all we want to be moved. We need the excitement of knowing that there’s more. We need the excitement of knowing that this world isn’t everything there is. God has more beauty and amazement for us than we can imagine. Your journey is emotionally moving and that’s how you know you’re alive! With God there’s always forward movement.
  2. We are built to look forward. Your eyes, nose and mouth look forward, toes and elbow joints point forward. Legitimate has to be made to go backward. God’s deepest desire is that we would constantly be growing in Him, constantly moving toward Him. We’re constantly looking somewhere, we need to make the powerful daily choice to look forward toward God.
  3. The way to heaven is a journey. “Enter by the narrow gate … For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life” Matt 7:13-14. Jesus invites us to journey to Him – then He walks right with us (1 Pet 2:21). If you’re not moving, you’re not with Him – a disciple is a follower, a learner.

One of our values as a church and something we talk about often as a staff is that we are a culture of improvement = We haven’t arrived, but we’re constantly getting better personally and as an organization. The Bible calls personal improvement sanctification (1 Thes 4:3, 1 Cor 1:2, 6:11) = the process of becoming more and more like God. Enjoy the journey with Jesus, that’s when Your Journey is Awesome!!!

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