You’re On Home Turf Today

Awkward laughs, sideways smiles, quick glances to either side, everyone thinking, “Are we ok to do this? Is this allowed? Who’s watching? Are they going to get angry? Maybe we shouldn’t be talking so loud…” This was the scene at the start of a public school teacher’s prayer meeting this week. I had been invited and was starting to pray when the Holy Spirit began to infuse my heart with His words and pictures. As God’s words started to flow, the tide of faith began to rise in the room. Because of God’s activity I knew I was on home turf.

As I was praying about the experience I began to realize, “I’m always on home turf.” Holy Spirit is inside me, He’s the one who created the world, and He’s knows exactly how to break through in any environment. As we continued to pray throughout the building, God spoke many more times, to individuals and groups, there were tears of release and healing and enjoyment of God’s presence. It felt like a church gathering – and it was – a gathering of God’s people in His world. We were on home turf. In fact, that was the word God gave me to the office staff at the school “You’re on home turf for God to move here.” That is the shift that has to take place in your spirit for this season. The awkwardness started to dissipate, the openness to God increased.

Here’s the truth, God said . . .

“Every place where you set your foot will be yours” (Deut. 11:24 NIV)

And if you’re thinking that’s just an Old Testament thing check out Matthew 28:18-19 – it gets even better – haha.

So here’s the challenge and the shift in thinking for you that will make you effective today – Think – I’m on home turf today for God to move. Every place I set my feet is my home turf and God will speak through me. I will set the atmosphere for God’s outrageous goodness to become obvious to my world today.

2 thoughts on “You’re On Home Turf Today

  1. Thank you Jared for sending me this you know this journey I’m on is not meant to be easy and carefree but I too am listening to the Holy Spirit and he guides me every step of this journey he is constantly putting into my spirit and my thoughts Isaiah 43:1 Isaiah 41: 10 Psalm 111 and 112


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