“How do you do it?” is generally the first question we get after meeting a new person and they hear we have 4 kids. When we gain a little camaraderie in the conversation, if they’re a parent the next question tends to be, “What are you’re tips for disciplining well?” I have so many things I could say in that moment – there’s a rush of ideas and memories – some funny, others sad, many ridiculous. I keep finding myself saying, “Be creative, anyone who thinks they have parenting handled is simply one season change away from a mess.”

And that’s true. But here’s the last 2%, we are fully dependent on the Spirit of God for our creativity as parents. There is no amount of manuals or methods, webinars, blogs or Facebook postings that could ever teach us fully how to meet the unique needs of each of our unique and amazing gifts from God. Not that we don’t read, listen, learn and ask questions. However, our kids deserve parents who are listening to God’s Spirit in order to propel them into their passion and purpose. Not only that, but EVERYONE we influence and invest in deserves people who are fully dependent on God’s Spirit for creativity in order to propel them into their passion and purpose.

God sees the best in each of us and He knows precisely how to bring that out in us. Here’s the catch, we don’t necessarily see it – until we’re fully plugged in to Him. Who do you need to invest in today? Take a moment to listen (and look – God speaks in pictures) to God’s voice for someone in your life. For real . . . right now . . . set your timer for one minute . . . Listen. Now give it away.

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