The Soundtrack of Your Life & 3 Thoughts to Change It

“Would you rather have a mini-me, or have a theme song start playing spontaneously every time you enter a room?” Says my friend. My answer, “I’d rather have a mini-me, because I could give him a boom-box to play my theme song when we enter the room.” (Are there still boom-boxes?)

All silliness aside – What is the soundtrack of your life? What is the general kind of song that’s playing in the background of your world? Is it a sad song – “Lonely, I am so lonely”? Or a happy song, “Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”? Or a complaining song, like Eor? Or an angry song – I’ll let you imagine that one? Or an intense, suspenseful song – like a movie soundtrack? Or an intense, if I don’t keep up the pace I’m going to fail song – like “The Song that Never Ends” but keeps getting faster? (Please read “Soul Keeping” and get in for some prayer with us if that’s your song – joking – but actually, not joking).

So, what is the soundtrack of your life? But more importantly, What do you want the soundtrack of your life to be? I’m sure all of us have some variations in the general soundtrack that is playing in our head, but there’s an overarching theme to it for most of us. What is the theme? ______________ You’ve just identified your default rhythm of life – aaaaaahhhhh – crazy right? Yes, so here’s the good news (with Jesus there’s always Good News)!

Jesus can change the default soundtrack and rhythm of your life. Did you know that God is singing a song over you? It is probably not the same as your soundtrack, and that’s good news, because His soundtrack can replace yours when you let Him . . . By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me — a prayer to the God of my life.” (Ps. 42:8 NIV)

What you see from the above verse is . . .

  • God’s song is an appendage of His heart. His song is an outshoot of His love.
  • Next His song comes alongside us, being played in our ear. It nourishes and comforts us.
  • Then His song becomes our prayer, oration, song. That’s where the transformation happens. We can’t help but change the frequency of our life to match His.

Here’s a hint about what God’s soundtrack is like – in Zeph 3:17 the Bibles shows God dancing and singing over us. If our soundtrack isn’t joyful enough to dance to – then we have an upgrade waiting in this area. It’s going to be outrageously good!


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