Have you ever tried to figure out what’s going through the head of a squirrel? Try it – I dare you – haha! I moved to Oklahoma for college and witnessed squirrels there that were larger than normal. Not only that, but they were brazen – there were times that we didn’t have to wander what was going through their heads. They would run into the middle of a walkway, stand on their hind legs, raise their little hands up and squeak at you as loud, fast and angry as they could. I routinely saw them jump in the middle of the street to challenge a car the same way. I’m not quite sure what we had done to offend the little guys – but those squirrels were pretty mad at humans – probably. Or maybe they just thought we were a giant nut that got away – hmmmm – a mystery …

There are mysteries in the kingdom of God. We know this. God does some things, when He wants, because He wants to (Psalm 115:3, 135:6-11). At the same time God is the Revealer of Mysteries (Dan 2:47, Eph 1:9, Col 1:27). “It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search them out.” (Prov 25:2). But what happens when the matter itself is mysterious enough that it gives God glory on its own? There are so many times that we as believers have tried to demystify something that was intended to give God glory. The glory is made known because of mystery. There’s a reason God gives signs & wonders. Sometimes the signs should make us wander (see what I did there). The cheesy play-on-words doesn’t make it any less true. There is a mystery to the work of God and the supernatural that should blow our minds and excite us.

This is how it works. I was praying for a stranger yesterday, and God gave me 2 pictures for her. One was a quill for writing, and God showed me that it meant that there was more to be written on the legacy of her story, in beauty and creativity. The 2nd picture was a tree with multiple trunks, and God showed me that it represented her leadership. There were branches that looked ready to cut off, but they were being braced up and would thrive again. She was jumping by the end of my talking and this why – She had started writing a book on her life, but had quit years ago, and the name of the book was going to be (something like) “A Double Trunk Pear Tree” (It was from a story with her Grandpa). She had just commented at her work with some friends about cutting some initiatives – but she knew in her spirit there was more life in them! I just threw up my hands and said, “Wow, Holy Spirit is sooooo awesome!!!!!!!” I could have tried to explain, tried to tell her what was going through my mind, tried to get her to come to my church, but in that moment God was getting the most glory when the mystery was allowed to simmer in both of us!!!!

Here’s the point …

  • God’s mysteries can produce glory
  • God’s glory deserves to be celebrated (not explained) 

You are a mystery that deserves to be celebrated too!!!! God celebrates you! He loves you, and thinks you’re amazing! You’re so awesome even angels are trying to figure out God’s grace to you (1 Pet 1:12)!!!!

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