Rabid Dogs or Trampoline Park

Being honest there are times that I run into my time with God, like I’m being followed by a pack of rabid dogs, and when I get there I’m like a man in a rubber room, rocking on the floor, trying to sort through reality – because I’m desperate for help. Not that that’s a wrong way to come into your time with God – because that should happen too sometimes. But it’s easy to let that tragedy view become our frame for our time with God – then we only run to Him when something overwhelming happens and we only can ever receive – being pulled from the brink of insanity from our time with God.

What if our time with God needs a reframing? What if we ran into that place like it’s our reward for doing well at something – like – if you get all A’s, I’ll take you to a trampoline park (i.e. to spend time with God). I have never seen my kids move so fast as when we’re offering that type of reward. What if we were excited and jazzed about meeting with Him? Because we know that joy and delight is there, and hope, purpose and life will be restored. What if we reframed our time with God? What if we ran into our time with God like it’s our reward for being awesome?

  • Next time you run to a time with God remember that it doesn’t have to be escape from rabid dogs, it can be the trampoline park reward.
  • David knew this . . . I experience absolute joy in your presence; you always give me sheer delight.” (Ps. 16:11 NET)

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