Getting Hope Up

“I don’t want to get my hopes up,” is a line most of us have uttered many times in our lives. This is based on the fact that we have placed a level of expectation in something or someone that has not been met. We are leaning on past experience and not wanting to get on an emotional roller coaster again.

I strongly believe in “getting my hope up” and in being a releaser of hope to everyone around me. I want to get your hope up. Our “hopes” are a collection of wishes that may or may not be valid or based in anything solid – while our “hope” is the character quality that for believers is infused in them from Jesus Himself and cannot fade or disappoint (Rom 5:5). As believers, we believe – it’s what we do. It’s part of our job description to give hope to the people around us and raise their level of expectation – not so that it can be dashed, but because Jesus is The One who can meet them in supernatural answers.

Truths . . .

  • Hope differed . . . grows our patience and renews our strength. (Rom 8:25)
  • Expectations are based on the past (Satan likes our past and reminds of it), hope is based on the future (our future is only winning in Jesus).
  • Hope in Jesus is a sure thing.
  • Hope is not just for someday – hope gives best results in our life now.

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