Upgrade your Tools

We have been hard at work finishing our basement, so that it will be done before baby comes :-)! As the project moves forward we have begun to realize it is all about the tools. We built a wall with a hammer and nails – and it took 3 men about 23 hours. We’re building a wall with a (borrowed) nail gun and it’s taken 2 men about 10 hours. It’s like pressing the Staples “Easy” button comparatively. Hammer drill I started with 3 holes – 45 minutes – Hammer drill I’m using now – 28 holes in 45 minutes – and I don’t have blisters on my hands or an appointment with the chiropractor – “Easy” button.

The spiritual parallel is that there are constant upgrades to the tools that we use to develop spiritually . . .

  • Many of us have been trying to use the willpower tool to conquer giants that only peace and rest will defeat (Phil 4:7, Ps 23).
  • Others are using the striving and effort tools to win battles that patience in the presence of God are built for (Matt 11:28-30, Ps 84:10).
  • Just as often we use the vow/resolution tool to attack problems that only rewiring our thoughts will win (Rom 12:2, Phil 4:8).
  • Or even the fasting tool gets put in places where thanksgiving has to be governor (Col 3:15-17, Phil 4:6).
  • Petitions and wishing/hoping prayers get offered up for healing when Jesus and the apostles only used commands to enforce their father’s will and kingdom in our world (Matt 8:13, Matt 21:21, Acts 3:6).

Allow God’s work in your life to bring you into awareness of the greater tools, and the precise tools for your situations. If you unsure which tools to use – ask God and maybe your pastor too.

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