4 Reflections

Reflections from completing 21 days of prayer and fasting . . .

  • 2 Timothy is really great! What a wonderful fatherly message from Paul to Timothy! Dive in and see what God has
  • Prayer works! Continue to courageously eliminate the hurry in your soul and focus your heart on the living God! There is more breakthrough available.
  • A lifestyle that includes fasting is awesome. I would encourage you to limit the frequency (stay healthy) but continue to fast something once a week. For example – fast one meal a week, fast sugar one day a week, fast social media one day a week, etc. Pick something that will benefit your spiritual life and run with it – then see breakthrough according to Isaiah 58.
  • Set a goal for your spiritual growth in 2016. Hear me out – this will revolutionize someone’s spiritual walk. Ask yourself these questions – What do I want to look like spiritually at the end of 2016 that I don’t look like now? Who is God wanting to BE for me now that He’s never been for me before? Hone in on one area. Focus on it. Bring it to your Bible study time, to your prayer time, to your book and podcast intake choices, to church with you, to your Life Group, to work with you. See God move in that area (hint – He’ll show up in a bunch of other areas too when we’re focused on one.

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